Take Control of YOUR MIND

& Design Your Life the Way You Want It!

How would it be?

Stressed, anxious, blocked? Can’t move forward?

Stuck with self-destructive and unproductive habits you DON’T WANT? Or do you feel like you’re lurching from one frustrating, unrewarding life experience to another?

Wondering why, if life is a bowl of cherries, you keep breaking your teeth on the stones?

Or is it that you KNOW you could be so much more if you could just stop holding yourself back and get out of your own way?

The longer we stay blocked the more stressed we get. It’s a vicious circle and once we’re in it we just can’t see to break out of it.

Maybe stress is showing up as a health irritant you just can’t shift. That’s what your body-mind does. It starts letting you know through physical symptoms when it just can’t find any other way to get your attention.

It’s a bewildering world right now. We’re going through a global shift, and in many ways there’s never been a more exciting time to be alive. At the same time we’re surrounded by potential causes of stress and tension even our parents’ generation could never have dreamed of. And we’re needing to cope with them with the same ‘hard-wiring’ in our brain and nervous system our ancestors had when they hardly ever left their country village. Little wonder we’re confused!

What’s the answer? Some form of coaching, or therapy or self-improvement ? Isn’t that grueling hard work, when you work hard enough already? Anyway, can just talking about it for hours really help?

Would it surprise you to know the latest breakthroughs in transformational methods like Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, and Hypnotic Coaching can rewire your brain and free your mind and body of blockages far quicker than you ever dreamed possible? That you can become the version of YOU you want to be with MUCH less effort than you think?

Forget agonizing weeks, months or even years of introspection. Sometimes,  when you have just one issue you need resolved, your way can be cleared and a whole new perspective opened up to you in just a couple of sessions. Sometimes you don’t even need to tell the coach what the problem is in order to get results!

And if you want to transform your life in more depth so you can truly access the personal power, vitality and confidence that’s your birthright and design the life and future you truly want, our Hypnotic Coaching Programmes will help you do just that.

You’ll love Self-Improvement when you see REAL results showing up in your life like magic.

Sceptical? Don’t be! After all, this is the Age of Quantum Psychology.  

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Jaye Mason   DHP Acc. Hyp, MCMA

I’m Jaye, and I’ve been involved in self-improvement and personal development for thirty years. I am a qualified Life Coach and accredited Hypnotherapist, an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach and an EFT Practitioner and Trainer. I’m also a Reiki Master and Teacher.