Business Coaching

Do You Want Your Business to Soar?

You’re running your own business.

You’re an entrepreneur.

You finally went for it. You ditched the 9 to 5 grind, the unappreciative boss, the office politics, the soulless corporation, and knocking yourself out to line somebody else’s pockets. You set up the enterprise you’d been burning to for years, and you started living your dream.

You’re your own boss. You’re running things your way. You work when and how you want.

Probably people tell you they envy you. Maybe they say they wish they had the courage to do the same.

They don’t see the other side of it, do they?

No job security. No safety net. Knowing the buck always stops with you. Making your own decisions all the time and hoping they’re the right ones.

No paid holidays. No workplace pension.

Working harder than you ever did when you were 9 to 5.

Wearing a dozen different hats. Dealing with stress. Staying resilient as you solve problems every day, whether its increasing productivity, improving ROI, dealing with customers or staff.

It’s a heavy burden sometimes.

If you told people they’d most likely say that’s the price you have to pay for the good stuff. Maybe even you think so too.

You just wish sometimes you didn’t feel quite so out on a limb. That you didn’t always have to go it all alone.

Hey, You Know the Importance of Mindset

Maybe you’re even getting business coaching. And your coach tells you all about the importance of mindset and the right mental attitude. And it’s all great advice:

  • Wake up positive every day
  • Love life, it’ll show up in your business
  • Project confidence
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by stress, learn to manage it
  • Focus on your goals
  • Connect better with people
  • Throw out negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Choose to be positive and happy
  • What you give out you’ll get back

The trouble is, they usually leave out the HOW part. The assumption seems to be as soon as you set the intention with yourself your mind will simply follow along.

Maybe you’re doing a pretty good job of showing those things to the world. Confidence, certainty, self-belief, motivation, positivity.

While underneath you’re still plagued by anxiety, self-doubt, fear, negative thoughts you can’t throw out.

It’s part of being born human. It’s the brain’s default wiring. But it limits us, holds us back, destroys our joy in life and keep us from being the, frankly, frigging awesome, amazing and unique people we really are. Plus, holding down our fears and self-doubts while we put on a show takes a real toll on our energy.

Your Business is YOU

Sure, you need a cracking good product, customers, cash flow. But the number one factor for success in your business is YOU. It’s YOUR guts and determination that created your business, and now it’s YOUR thoughts, actions and feelings that directly impact on it every day. Because without you there would BE no business.

So how much difference do you think it would make to your business if you could really FEEL within you super-confidence, inspiration, courage, certainty? If you could truly feel passionately motivated EVERY DAY to take your business to new heights? How much more impact could you make? How infectious would your attitude be with your clients and your staff?

Don’t you wish there were tools that could transform you from the INSIDE OUT so you could really BECOME that version of you QUICKLY and EASILY?

Let me introduce you to Hypnotic Coaching!

Today we KNOW how to rewire the brain to override the default of fear and anxiety. How to re-programme the nervous system with confidence, courage, resourcefulness and self-assurance.

Welcome to the Age of Quantum Psychology!

Why Hypnotic Coaching?

Hypnotic Coaching uses and combines the best, most powerful, leading-edge tools and techniques from hypnosis, NLP, Transformational Life Coaching, energy psychology and many other self-development models to give you powerful, profound, truly effective coaching. 

Maybe you never thought of Hypnosis as being a tool that could help you, let alone help your business. Maybe it’s always suggested to you being unconscious and ‘brainwashed’.

That’s only in old Hollywood movies! You’re always fully conscious and in control. Indeed, the whole aim and goal of hypnosis is to give you MORE control! It’s about entering a state of deep, fabulously comfortable and pleasurable RELAXATION (which in itself is a fantastic treatment for stress!) so your critical, judgmental conscious mind (the part that holds you back) can temporarily be put to one side and your deep, subconscious mind can receive, absorb and GO TO WORK ON suggestions for the goals and desires YOU CHOOSE.

NLP has been called the ‘study of human excellence’, and it’s an ideal tool to help your business. NLP allows you to change thoughts, behaviours and feelings, to change your own states and those of other people, in predictable ways by using dynamic, proven tools and techniques to rewire the brain circuitry. With NLP it becomes possible to understand what is happening for you, and for others, at both the conscious and unconscious levels, then replace sabotaging old behaviours with new, useful ones. Communication becomes more powerful, impactful and effective, and goals become far more easily attainable and reachable in all areas.

Hypnotic Coaching works with your conscious and subconscious mind together, and because changes are made from the inside out by re-wiring your brain, it can bring about change more quickly than you can imagine.

What can Hypnotic Coaching Do for Your Business?

Fear-busting: whether it’s dealing with clients face-to-face, handling difficult employees, fear of public speaking, fear of failure or fear of your own success, your fears can trip you up and keep your business from soaring. When you’re cool and calm from the inside out you can bust through fears easily.

Confidence: If you’re running your own business, you’re selling, whether it’s your product, your service, your knowledge or your ideas. Whether you’re running meetings, making presentations, raising finance, or meeting with a potential client, the biggest factor in whether you nail the results you want is YOU.

Get empowered with the super-confidence to play dynamically to your strengths and the self-worth to fearlessly recognise and improve your weaknesses.

Kick out stress: A little stress is fine, it keeps you honed and motivated. But in this crazy world it’s easy for stress and anxiety levels to soar out of control, leading to lowered performance, lack of joy in life and ultimately, if not addressed, ill-health. And if you’re running your own business, chances are you’re living with more stress than most.

Hypnosis is just about the best method around for relaxation and re-wiring the brain to stay de-stressed. Much stress comes from feeling out of control of our environment. Hypnotic Coaching hands you the tools to take control of your mind, and hence of your life – the most powerful way to kick out stress and keep it out!

Go for your goals: Hypnotic Coaching is a fantastic way to get crystal clarity on your goals. Then, using the wide array of tools available, it’s easy to create that goal, see your vision and the road to get there, and wire your brain to go straight for it!

Creativity: You’re creative, with flair and imagination, or you would never have started your own enterprise. But to stay ahead of the game, keep winning new customers, marketing your products in innovative ways, keep up with the competition, you have to keep on thinking out of the box and keep your creative juices flowing. Not always easy when the everyday demands of running a business are in your face.

There’s no better method than Hypnotic Coaching to tap into the creative recesses of your brain and into a whole new level of inspiration whenever you need it!

Self-belief: As you probably already know, whatever you believe – e.g. that you’ll fail, you can’t succeed, you can’t assert myself – your subconscious will obligingly bring about, because it doesn’t analyse thoughts, it just acts on what you feed it. But changing your mindset by conscious will-power alone can often be well-nigh impossible.

That’s where the dynamic techniques of Hypnotic Coaching come in, letting you transform your belief patterns from the inside out. Whether you want to enhance your leadership skills, improve your personal effectiveness, maximise your confidence, negotiate and persuade better, or ‘tune in’ more effectively to your clients, you’ll be amazed how quickly success can happen!

Communication: A major and vital component of your business, whether dealing with customers, suppliers or staff. When communication is poor everything can break down. Whether you want to better motivate, persuade, make better sales, share your vision or overcome objections and obstacles, Hypnotic Coaching has masterful techniques to help you address any challenges you might be facing in your communication strategies.

Boost Your Learning Ability/Memory: Does it always feel like there’s something new to learn these days just to keep your business going? Another new bit of legislation you need to memorize, maybe. Or is the competition adding a new service you need to master too? Or do you need to absorb new info for CPD?

Maybe you envy a colleague who just effortlessly remembers every client’s name, partner’s name, children’s names, so it just makes rapport so much easier and more effective? We’ve billions of neurons in the brain connected by trillions of pathways, but it doesn’t always feel like it when you’re struggling to learn, memorise or remember something crucial!

 How much help would it be to have an expanded and lazer-focused memory? To be able to learn and absorb whatever you want? Hypnotic Coaching can get those skills for you by tapping into your brain centres that control those functions and energising them.

Productivity: Productivity is everything in business, and whatever is standing in your way is going to inhibit it. Why not use the resources of Hypnotic Coaching to stop blocking yourself, and find out just how far you can soar when you can rewire your brain at will?

Hypnotic Coaching Programmes run for 6 weeks, 3 months, or 6 months, by phone or Skype, or face-to-face if distance allows. (Customized programmes also available,)

Staff Coaching

How might your staff benefit from Hypnotic Coaching? How might it benefit your business if your staff could:

  • know how to play to their strengths, while at the same time being able to recognise and work on their weaknesses without it lowering their self-esteem
  • access a wide range of communication skills at will in any tricky situation with customers, suppliers or fellow staff members
  • double their motivation and enthusiasm
  • know how to access creative solutions
  • be eager for new challenges and better able to learn new resources
  • be able to use a spare 10 minutes to de-stress and re-empower themselves whenever the need arises
  • have the confidence and therefore the desire to go beyond self-imposed limitations and really make a difference in the workplace?

I can attend your premises for half a day, a day or longer to work with teams or individual staff members.

I am also available for motivational speaking engagements.

Life Purpose Profiling

First rate staff are a precious commodity for your business and a vital asset to be retained. But a huge percentage of employees quit because they feel undervalued or misunderstood.

No doubt you believe you take great care of your staff and their needs. But it’s just possible you might be meeting the needs you would have in their position, rather than their needs! There are dozens of personality profiling methods available, but they are all behaviour-based. Our behaviour is conditioned and is not our identity. Identity influences behavior, but not the other way around. In short, knowing a person’s behavior doesn’t mean you know who they are inside!

Life Purpose Profiling is unique in that it assesses identity and energetics (the kind of energy your staff have and the best way they can put that energy to use for the most positive and productive outcome). How much better could you inter-relate with your staff if you had a lazer beam into their mind and nervous system?


  • the precise language and action patterns each unique member of your staff will resonate with and respond to
  • the right individual approach to get optimum results from each member of your staff
  • whether you are truly utilizing your staff members’ strengths to the maximum and making provision for their weaknesses
  • the real reason for that problem staff member’s negative attitude and what you can do about it
  • how to inspire your staff to even greater heights!

Contact Jaye to find out more or to book a session, or book a 30 minute free, no-obligation consultation online.